Samsung Case Study

Background :

Samsung was gearing up for the much-anticipated launch of its flagship phone, the Galaxy SIII, and engaged iTRIX MEDIA to draw buzz through an innovative medium.

Creative Scenario:

Samsung and its creative agency Cheil were working with global creative, which focused on human emotion over imagery, which posed a challenge for how best to effectively and seamlessly integrate 3D.

3DGE Solution:

Working closely with Cheil, 3DGE first adapted existing 2D assets by layering 3D elements. Second, iTRIX took a prototype SIII and modeled it completely in-house. Third, 3DGE delivered a 3D logo animation. The result was a uniquely blended 20-second spot, which integrated several 2D scenes with a spectacular 3D dandelion ripple effect and dramatic 3D emphasis on the SIII and the Samsung logo.