OUTDOOR Montreal Digital Out-of-Home - Featured OOH Network

    Nestled in the heart of downtown, the only digital moving advertising billboard in Montréal is located at St. Catherine and Drummond Street. Stretching 12'X7', iTRIX MEDIA's giant display is the only advertising board in the province to use out-of-home or TV assets, with the ability to play full, unedited television commercials. The intersection is one of the most sought-after pieces of advertising real estate in the city, seeing an average of 100,000 impressions per day.

    The location is able to capture a unique cross-section of Montréal’s diverse population, situated adjacent to North America’s largest network of underground shopping malls, the bustling financial district, McGill and Concordia Universities with over 40,000 students, and the Bell Centre, a 21,273-seat stadium home to the Montréal Canadiens and the cities’ largest concerts.

    Montréal itself is home to a diverse population of 3,969,799 with an average HHI of $76,559. The second largest, consumer market in Canada, Montréal is renowned for its French heritage and rich culture. Acclaimed as the "City of Festivals," Montréal draws over 6 million tourists annually, hosting prestigious international events including the F1 Grand Prix F1 Grand Prix, Jazz Festival, Montréal Film Festival, Fashion Week, and Just for Laughs. Montréal also ranks as the number one city in North America for drawing international associations and conferences.

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    MIDTOWN Featured Indoor Network: Le Sancutaire Midtown

    Le Sanctuaire Midtown is the premier athletic club for corporate memberships and the select elite of Montreal's affluent business community, The facility offers an unparalleled fitness and spa experience to their exclusive members, providing an array of services including spa treatments, a full-service restaurant and bar.

    Le Sanctuaire Midtown caters to an elusive network of high net worth individuals. The facility has over 6,000 full-time members, 4,500 of whom attend on a daily basis.

    Within Le Sanctuaire Midtown, iTRIX MEDIA operates 4 LED screens which are strategically positioned throughout the property to provide a select group of advertisers with maximum impressions to a captive and engaged consumer. Your branding exercise begins immediately upon entrance to the club, providing great exposure as your message follows members throughout the facility from the M Café into the locker rooms.


    MUSEUM iTRIX MEDIA Museum Exhibit Technology

    The Canadian Museum of Nature planned to launch an exciting new exhibit on the formation of rocks, minerals, and planets. Their internal digital team that was mandated to source out new innovative technologies to integrate into the museum, and enlisted iTRIX MEDIA to provide a great platform to showcase the new attraction.

    Creative Scenario:
    The Canadian Museum had existing assets and raw files of planets, moons, and meteors, and asked iTIRX MEDIA to storyboard, model and produce compelling animations in glasses-free 3D.

    iTRIX Solution:
    When the Earth Gallary launched, iTRIX MEDIA provided two screens to the Canadian Museum of Nature and ran an animation of planets exploding and forming in glasses-free 3D. Ultimately, the Museum succeeded in their goal to build better exhibits that distinguished themselves from their competitors, as the exhibit drew captivated crowds and garnered tremendous praise and success.

    Visit our Facebook page for a gallery of our display at the Canadian Museum of Nature and check back soon for a case study.


    Trade Shows Conventions and Trade Shows
    trade show

    iTRIX MEDIA provides a solution for convention and trade show displays, offering purchase and rental of screens and creative production. With glasses-free 3D technology, companies are able to bring engaging and interactive displays to life.

    Production Options

    Autostereoscopic 3D Production: All creative elements are built, designed and animated in a creative, realistic and elaborate 3D environment by iTRIX MEDIA.

    2D + Autostereoscopic 3D Production: Using an already existing 2D spot iTRIX MEDIA will build, design and animate additional elaborate and realistic Autostereoscopic scenes to be included in the spot.

    2D + Autostereoscopic 3D Elements: Using an already existing 2D spot iTRIX MEDIA will build, design and animate 3D elements to be layered overtop the 2D spot.

    Stereoscopic to Autostereoscopic Conversion: Using pre-existing stereoscopic 3D footage iTRIX MEDIA will convert the footage to autostereoscopic 3D.

    Logo Animation: iTRIX MEDIA will build, design and animate a 3D logo using previous branding provided by client.

    Autostereoscopic (Glasses-Free) 3D Displays

    For purchase or rent.

    1. MV2600 - 26” autostereoscopic 3D Tridelity display

    2. MV4210 - 42” autostereoscopic 3D Tridelity display

    3. MV5520 - 55” autostereoscopic 3D Tridelity display


    Ski Resort National Ski Resort Network
    ski resort

    iTRIX MEDIA has partnered up with SKiRON to bring digital signage to the most iconic ski resorts and provide select advertisers with a captive audience in high traffic areas.

    We have deployed 51 screens across the country at the most populous ski hills to help our advertising partners reach an elusive demographic in key markets across Canada. This impressive network captures 89% of the Canadian skier market.

    Visit the National Ski Resort site

  • F1 Montreal

    F1 Montreal F1 Montreal
    montreal f1


    iTRIX MEDIA offers a comprehensive package for advertisers targeting one of the most prestigious sporting events in Canada.


    For the duration of the weekend, iTRIX MEDIA’s digital screen in downtown Montreal is dedicated to F1 advertisers, strategically positioned in the heart of the action. At night, iTRIX MEDIA partners with Code 20 to provide glasses-free 3D screens at the official Montreal F1 afterparty.



    iTRIX Medical Solutions is an emerging market in advanced imaging through glasses-free 3D technology. Check back soon for more information.