Thoughts from CES 2013

From a 9,144 meter view at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, one might think that interest in glasses-free 3D technology is diminishing. After all, the last few years every big-name television brand – as well as every faceless reverse-engineered knockoff brand – had its own autostereoscopic version at the CES heralded as “the next big thing.” This year, glasses-free technology took a back seat, as the “next big thing” was Ultra HD 4K TV.
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WWF in 3D in downtown Montreal

Montreal-based iTRIX MEDIA has installed a giant screen featuring brand-new 3D technology at the corner of Drummond and Ste-Catherine streets, and this one is a North American first: thanks to the German-built screens, it will be possible for pedestrians and passersby to enjoy the intensity of a full 3D experience without having to wear special glasses.
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THE CODE 20 Exclusive F1 After Party is coming to Montreal with iTRIX MEDIA

THE CODE 20, the organization behind the avant-garde closing Grand Prix events which take place at top venues around the world, will collaborate with JOSE CUERVO, FAB BOSS PREMIERE and the prestigious venue Koko at Opus Hotel in Montreal, QC, where the closing Grand Prix party will take place on Sunday June 10th.
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