3DGE WWF in 3D in downtown Montreal

Montreal-based iTRIX MEDIA has installed a giant screen featuring brand-new 3D technology at the corner of Drummond and Ste-Catherine streets, and this one is a North American first: thanks to the German-built screens, it will be possible for pedestrians and passersby to enjoy the intensity of a full 3D experience without having to wear special glasses.

iTRIX has graciously provided various NGOs, including WWF Canada, with an opportunity to broadcast a video of their choice on the new screens for 12 months – at no charge.

We’re pleased to have the chance to provide a 3D snapshot of our campaign to protect the Great Bear region against the construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline. The project proposes to build twin pipes across the Great Bear temperate rainforest – one of the last pristine rainforests in the world – to pump 525,000 barrels of oil daily from the Alberta oilsands to an ocean-going port. From there, super-tankers would transport the oil to Asia – 220 of them, each and every year.

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