Thoughts from CES 2013

From a 9,144 meter view at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, one might think that interest in glasses-free 3D technology is diminishing. After all, the last few years every big-name television brand – as well as every faceless reverse-engineered knockoff brand – had its own autostereoscopic version at the CES heralded as “the next big thing.” This year, glasses-free technology took a back seat, as the “next big thing” was Ultra HD 4K TV.

Is the autostereoscopic industry in decline? In reality, it’s the opposite.

The executives I spoke with at Samsung and Panasonic agree that our industry has entered a new period of maturity. Glasses-free 3D is no longer a novelty for industry insiders. Companies have reloaded their development with a new goal: functionality. As the industry progresses towards the mass consumer market, which is still years away, the focus is now to find practical applications for the technology.

This includes finding cost efficiencies in manufacture and creative production. The potential for different applications grows as the price point drops for OEMs. B2C is still years away, but B2B companies are beginning to buy into the concept, albeit with a high cost of entry.

Overall, the show has reinforced my optimism that iTRIX MEDIA is on the right path to success. We have established ourselves on the forefront on the market for application of glasses-free 3D technology, and have developed a business model that will only grow more sustainable as the industry matures.

By Steve Chamberlain, VP Marketing