3d difference

Nestlé Case Study

Background :

Nestlé had just launched a new ice cream brand Snacking Cups, and engaged iTRIX MEDIA to strategically target downtown consumers during sweltering Montréal summer heat.

Creative Scenario:

Nestlé’s creative agency JWT had created a striking 3D “sling-shot” effect for its Cups commercial, but lacked the 3D medium to fully take advantage of the effect

3DGE Solution:

Employing our “innovation as problem-solving” approach, 3DGE found a way to convert 3D assets from JWT into autostereoscopic 3D, a cutting edge conversion that was the first of its kind . The result was a 15-second spot that had Nestlé Cups flying up to four meters out of the screen, crafting visually stunning 3D commercial art for the heart of Montréal’s consumer district.