3DGE Studios

A fully in-house subsidiary of iTRIX MEDIA, 3DGE produces all creative for our advertising partners. We are the only ad-shop in North America with the capability to produce and broadcast original autostereoscopic content on our glasses-free 3D displays.

3DGE has established a multi-pronged creative approach that leverages existing print, digital and TV assets. Our 3D artists and animators have the ability to remodel, add autostereoscopic 3D elements, employ augmented reality with 2D to 3D contrast, or completely recreate scenes in full 3D environments. The result is a more impactful branding exercise that attracts more eyeballs and longer lasting impressions with content that literally jumps off the screen and is suspended in mid-air.

Each client brings new ideas that challenge our studio to develop innovative creative techniques, which becomes the catalyst that drives original eye-catching content and distinguishes them in the marketplace.

Demo Reel